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We are searching for a eSports community who can help us achieving our goals. First of all, we are a Crossfire team, playing together for almost 1 year now, some time ago we
were in Airwalk.CF. We dont have big demands, almost none, only community support, on the other side, we can advertise your community on different leagues by playing there and win.
Some words about Crossfire, there are 2 versions of it, Crossfire Europe and Crossfire NA/UK, we can play both, we are active in every competition ESL, WOGL, this year WCG, SGi Cups.
ESL Team:
Our website:

Looking forward for your answer and we hope that all the things said will prove that we are trustly players and a good team for your community.

Kind regards, clar1ty!

Contact for further notice:
xfire: clar1tyn1


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